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Starting Soon – 101 by Tracy Martin-Summers @TracyMartinSum1 #101 #ZooloosBookTours

Starting 4th September for 5 days, we are touring with 101 by Tracy Martin-Summers

Publication Day: 1st August 2023 by Michael Terence Publishing

Alice glanced at the property brochure resting on her lap and let out a sigh. 

She was on her way to Cedar Grove which, according to the brochure set out before her, was the answer to her prayers. The estate agent had promised that this was the one. 

The most perfect house, with everything she had asked for.

She smiled as she took in the sight of the pretty, quirky semi at the end of the road with its royal blue shutters and coordinating front door. There was something about this house that moved her. 

Something was drawing her to it.

So why was it that their world started to crumble around them bit by bit, as though they had been hit by a demolition project, destroying everything they held dear, especially one another?

Who was doing this to them and why had her neighbour, Sally, disappeared along with the rest of the neighbourhood? 

There was no one left. 

The vision, as described on the day of the viewing had vanished, fallen off the face of the earth and she was deemed psychotic. 

Was she losing her mind? 

She didn’t think so…

See you on tour


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