SHOctober on Tour 1st – 31st October 2021

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One month, One tour, Eight Books of horror!

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The books

The Nightmare by Fiona Hogan

Publication Day: 2nd October
Page Count: 110


I set the table for you, come sit.

I hope you enjoy my humble fare, a selection of only the darkest of delights. But make sure and pull your chair in closer to the hearth for the night falls and the wind blows wild muffling the sound of approaching footsteps. Something comes, something creeps ever closer. A nightmare thing.

Enter a dark place between fact and fiction.

On a cold winter’s night whilst crossing the frost covered field to fetch water, a child hears a sound on the air, an infant’s cry. But no baby awaits her hurried progress.
A pensioner rapidly losing her memory exists in a twilight world where only a lost love can bridge the gap between past and present.

A young man at a boutique music festival discovers more than romance in the fading forest.

Something travels the cosmos, a creature of nightmare and terror. A veiled medium sits at a table in a Victorian parlour waiting.

Amongst the lamb, a wolf harvests souls in a bid for promotion.

THE NIGHTMARE – A selection of gothic and contemporary dark fiction from F.B. Hogan.

Sex Die Repeat by Mia Ryer

Publication Day: 2nd October

Page Count: 43 pages

Bite-size filth to devour before bed, Little Deaths is the first book in a new series by Mia Ryder.

This is A paranormal erotica like you have never read before.

Hellsleigh by D.C Brockwell 

Publication Day : 8th October

Page Count: 290 pages
They say if you listen carefully at night , you can still hear the screaming… 

Seven bodies are recovered from Hellsleigh, the most infamous asylum in the country, which has lay derelict for the last 30 years. 

24 Hours Earlier 

On the eve of its planned demolition famed parapsychologist and author, Brandon Fiske and his team of paranormal investigators break into the abandoned hospital determined to find proof of  its supernatural powers. Local villager, Jason Hough who’s past is connected to Hellingly returns for one last visit along with a group of university students in search of a place to party.  

Little do the two groups know, they are there on a very special anniversary for the hospital, an occasion the building remembers only too well…. Because once you enter Hellingly , it wont let you leave

Witch by Mark Brownless

Publication Day : 15th October

Page Count : 320 pages

We are delighted to present Ty Llun – Lake House – which is, once again, available. 

A beautiful 400-year-old waterfront property in an idyllic Welsh village, the property has plenty of character and comes complete with the spirit of a long dead witch. 

It’s the ideal place for a couple to move to, to start again, to try and forget the heartbreak of the past. 

And we are sure that, this time, she will leave you in peace… 

Little Miss Evil by Jim Ody

Publication Day : 22nd October

Page Count : 203 pages

There’s No Where to Run 
But plenty of places to hide
Tall Trees
An Idyllic Campsite, situated on a picturesque lake, and surrounded by woodland.

Three Groups Of Strangers

All meet for the first time, each one of them with something to hide. 

But someone knows all of dark their secrets and now they want to play a game


Prey by Cheryl Elaine

Publication Day : 22nd October

Page Count : 190 pages

What started out as a night of celebration for Aimee soon turned into a nightmare. Snatched by cruel, sadistic monsters – the worst creatures mankind has ever produced – she’s thrown into a metal container, among other victims too frightened to make a single sound.
The game-keepers force everyone to play. They deliver torment and pain in equal measure. Every hunter has their own agenda and reasons to maim and torture.
Detective Johnson is one step away from catching the killers. Wrestling with his instincts as a father to serve justice his own way, this is no ordinary case for him. Can he stop the vile sadists before they damage more young girls, as well as his own daughter?
Aimee’s ordeal within the compound brings her to the conclusion that she’s no ordinary girl. But can she hang onto her sanity long enough to escape? And will she find a different way to play?
This crime thriller will keep you riveted. It’s no ordinary story.

Please note: contains graphic content.

Descent to Hell by Nic Parker

Publication Day : 30th October
Page Count : 259 pages

A man forced to enter mankind’s most feared territory … a child dragged into the underworld!

When Charlie Ward’s beloved niece is kidnapped by an atrocious demon he has to find the secret gateway into the one place every human wants to stay away from: Hell!

Armed only with courage and determination Charlie has to survive in a forbidding place filled with despair and anguish. He must face challenges no mortal should ever have to undergo that threaten to destroy his very soul.

Blackhaven by Kyle M Scott

Publication Day : 31st October
Page Count : 290 pages

Welcome to Blackhaven, October 31st, 1984…
It’s the era of drive-ins, home computers, board games and, of course, the video nasty.
In this small, sleepy town, cut off from the hardships and the horrors of the modern world, the people have enjoyed a fruitful, peaceful history for all of the 300 years since its founding.
That’s all about to change… Something is coming. Something unspeakable. Something evil.
300 years ago to the day, the founders of Blackhaven made a deal with an outside force in order to secure their comfort and safety. A deal that now, centuries later – as the innocent townsfolk celebrate Allhallow’s Eve with slasher screenings, trick or treating and fire-lit woodland parties – finally requires payment. A deal that will see the streets run red, and the fires rise. The people of Blackhaven are about to learn the true cost of sacrifice, and the true meaning of the witching season.
Hell is coming to claim what’s owed. And the Devil will have his day….
WARNING – Contains disturbing imagery, graphic violence and scenes of a sexual nature.

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