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*New Tour* – The Doppelganger by Cole Baxter #ColeBaxter @InkubatorBooks #TheDoppelganger #ZooloosBookTours

Starting 13th March for 7 days, we are touring with The Doppelganger by Cole Baxter and you can sign up here to take part!

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Publication Day: 5th March 2023 by Inkubator Books

He looks just like her husband. But who is he really? And what is he planning to do with her?
Emmeline Hopkins-Keller is in paradise, sharing a luxurious holiday on a tropical island with her husband Jeffrey and his family. But it’s hard to relax and enjoy it when she knows her marriage is in deep trouble.

One fateful night, a cataclysmic argument between Emmeline and Jeffrey sends him fleeing into the deep, dark forest. A day later he is still missing, leaving everyone shocked and bewildered.

Then, a miracle. Jeffrey turns up unharmed and wants to reconcile. But something is horribly wrong. He looks and sounds like Jeffrey, but Emmeline is 100% sure he’s not the man she married. Even if everyone in his family is welcoming this stranger with open arms.

Which leaves her wondering, who exactly is this imposter? And how can he deceive everyone around him? And most of all – what are his plans for Emmeline?

Struggling to believe that everyone around her is lying, Emmeline begins to doubt herself, to lose her grip on reality. Only one thing is certain – when she finally uncovers the terrifying truth, her life will be changed forever.

Dripping with intrigue, The Doppelganger is an enthralling psychological thriller that will surprise you at every turn.

Hopefully, we will see you on the tour!


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