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Starting 30th October for 7 days, we are touring with The Better Mother by Emily Shiner and you can find out more by signing up below!

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Publication Day: 22nd October 23

Published by: Inkubator Books

Zoe just wanted to help. Now she may have a killer in her home.

Zoe is happily married to Ethan until the day a 13-year-old boy shows up on their doorstep. He says his name is Micah and that Ethan is his father. Distressed because his mother is missing, Micah has come to them for help.

Ethan is wary – he didn’t know anything about Micah – but kind-hearted Zoe feels she can’t possibly turn her back on the boy. She welcomes him into their home and does her best to make him part of the family.

But there’s something off about Micah.

He lies constantly, creeps silently around the house and towers over Zoe, observing her every move. And his growing bond with Anna, Zoe’s young daughter, feels all wrong.

So when his mother’s body is found and the police start looking for the murderer, Zoe realizes something terrible…

He might already be in her home.

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