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If you break the promise, you pay the price.

Scott will do anything to protect his wife, Erin. That’s why he secretly installs a tracking app on her phone and watches her through hidden cameras in their home.

When he learns there’s a chance one of Erin’s kidneys will fail, he vows to shield her from the truth and find a donor for her at any cost.

That’s how he meets Kathleen. She is the answer to his dreams, a perfect match for Erin. There’s only one problem – Kathleen has no intention of becoming a donor. That doesn’t bother Scott – he is confident he can manipulate her into giving him what he wants.

But Kathleen isn’t as innocent as she looks, she has her own agenda. And she doesn’t care who she hurts as long as she gets what she needs.

As lives hang in the balance, Erin and Kathleen are bound together by a terrible promise. But when that promise is broken, who will pay the ultimate price?

Did we find out what promise had been made? Was it kept?

14th February

Review by Charliebeesbooks, “I often wonder where authors get their ideas for a plot. The concept behind this plot is brilliant and in my experience unique.”

Review by Once Upon A Time Book Reviews, “Shiner does a great job with the tension and suspense, ramping it up throughout as the narrative alternates between the main characters and its twists and turns keep everything interesting”

Review by 2manybooks2littletime (IG), “Shiner throws in that epilogue that really threw a curveball to the culmination of the story! A great thriller that is a quick read!”

15th February

Review by twoladiesandabook (IG), “I must of looked like a complete lunatic with a goldfish face, reading this in the car the other day…It’s will knock you off your feet, I really need to read more by Emily I absolutely loved it.”

Review by b for bookreview, “A great story with more characters playing a role than honest ones. It ain’t over till it’s over though… 5 stars”

16th February

Review by Hannah May Book Reviews, “I also loved how 50% through, I was still genuinely unsure as to how this would unfold, I love a book that can keep you guessing.”

Review by Sharon Beyond the Books, “This is the second book I have read now from Emily Shiner, and again, she has written a suspense filled tense story that doesn’t stop building, as the story is told from each of the main character’s perspectives as the story twists and turns.”

Review by Ginger Book Geek, “I found ‘The Promise’ to be a tense, gripping and dramatic read, which kept me guessing and which kept me on the edge of my seat.”

17th February

Review by Pauline Render, “I think by it being written from each person’s perspective I became more involved in the story as each one had their own tale to tell. And with enough twists to keep me guessing until the last page this was a great read.”

Review by sambooka23 (IG), “The epilogue, I feel is a slight cliffhanger or leaves it open for another book off this story? It was dark, twisting and thrilling.”

18th February

Review by Sue Loves to Read, “I did enjoy this book. Great story and characters…What a twist. Didn’t see that coming.”

Review by what_esther_read (IG), “A really interesting premise to a story, that kept me guessing as to the actual ‘real’ events that will take place. I enjoyed this although my theory wasn’t correct in the end. Interesting epilogue too and a different subject to those you often find in a thriller.”

19th February

Review by Fireflies and Free Kicks, “It is a linear plot, so there isn’t any jumping around to confuse times or places. What does occur, however, is that since there are alternating viewpoints, the reader often gets the same action from another character’s point of view.”

Review by twilight_reader (IG), “The author is brilliant at throwing you into chaos where you start to second guess absolutely everything.”

20th February

Review by Heidi Lynn’s Book Reviews, “O.M.G!! WOW!! Emily Shiner’s The Promise read like a movie playing in my head!! This. Book. Was. So. Good!! I was absolutely addicted to it and read it in one sitting! I just could not get enough of her twisted, jaw dropping, suspenseful, head spinning, and heartbreaking read!”

Review by all_books_great_and_small (IG), “The twists are superbly executed and flow so smoothly within the story…I loved the ending and found it an unexpected extra twist to the story.”

Review by Morelli’s Reads, “the narrative is well written and there’s definitive changes when the chapters are focusing on other characters-not something all books manage to pull off as smoothly as this. Well done Shiner.”

And that is well and truly a wrap!

Thank you ever so much to everyone who has taken part in the tour!

The Promise is out now and available to buy from Amazon UK, Amazon US

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