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And That’s A Wrap of The Other Sister by Jane Renshaw @JaneRenshaw10 @inkubatorbooks #TheOtherSister #ZooloosBookTours

The tour for The Other Sister by Jane Renshaw has now come to an end. You can view everyone’s full post via the tour (link in the tour name above) page but here are some highlights

Publication Day: 28th May 2023 by Inkubator Books

They seem like a lovely family. Until you meet Rosemary.

Iris is reeling from the loss of her beloved stepfather, famous actor Sam Osbourne. She’s convinced that his death was no accident, but rather a meticulously planned murder. Why will nobody believe her?

And who is this mysterious Aunt Rosemary she keeps hearing about? Iris has never met her. But she knows that her mother Daisy and her Aunt Violet fell out with their sister Rosemary a long time ago.

Something dreadful happened at Abbey House, their mansion in the Cotswolds, but Iris has learned never to ask about it. Now, in the wake of Sam’s death, Iris is more curious than ever. Could there be something rotten at the heart of her seemingly perfect family?

Iris sets out to uncover what happened all those years ago, and whether those events are somehow linked to Sam’s untimely death. But the deeper she probes, the more shocking the secrets she uncovers. And someone is determined to stop her finding out anything more.

It looks like Rosemary is back.

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