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And That’s A Wrap of The Other Mother by Miranda Rijks @MirandaRijks @InkubatorBooks #TheOtherMother #ZooloosBookTours

The tour for The Other Mother by Miranda Rijks has now come to an end. You can view everyone’s full post via the tour (link in the tour name above) page but here are some highlights

Publication Day: 19th April 2023 by Inkubator Books

Four-year-old Florrie is missing. Who has taken her, and what do they want?

When Jane is asked to pick up her friend’s daughter, Florrie, from school, she can’t imagine the horror that will unfold. Because someone pretending to be Jane has already collected Florrie. And now the little four-year-old is missing…

Things don’t get any easier when Jane starts receiving anonymous letters that include intimate details about her life. As a psychologist and agony aunt, she’s used to getting letters asking for advice, but these are different. Are they somehow connected to the missing child?

Then, to her utter dismay, Jane finds incriminating evidence in her own home, evidence that is clearly linked to Florrie. She starts to doubt everyone around her, even her own family – could one of them be implicated in Florrie’s disappearance?

Under the unspeakable stress, her marriage crumbles, her children act out and her once-successful business falls apart. And that’s when Jane discovers a shocking secret that shatters her entire world.

In a heart-pounding race against time, Jane must find Florrie and uncover the truth. Can she save Florrie and her own family, or will she be too late to stop the unthinkable?

The Other Mother is an explosive psychological thriller that will grip readers till the very end.

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