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And That’s A Wrap of Ascension and Deception by R.M. Mulder @R_M_Mulder #Ascension #Deception #ZooloosBookTours

The double tour for Ascension and Deception by R.M. Mulder has now come to an end. You can view everyone’s full post via the tour (link in the tour name above) page but here are some highlights

Publication Day: 12th June 2022 by Indie Illuminati

Attorney by day, gamer by night.
After a heart-crushing rejection, Allan Young blows off his responsibilities and escapes reality into the virtual world Conquest until his HUD starts glitching out. He wakes up the next morning to find that his neurological implant has fried yet again, and he begrudgingly decides to go to the office before he gets fired.

Allan has banked his entire career on one particular securities contract, but when he unexpectedly meets up with his client one fateful morning his entire world comes crashing down around him. He survives an assassination attempt due to unnatural means when a halo of protection surrounds him, and his attacker evolves into a nightmarish creature that could only be described as something out of Conquest.

When he wakes up from what he has justified to himself as a crazy dream, he meets a vagrant who claims to have seen visions and prophecies about him. But before he can get a grasp on what’s truly happening, he transports through a portal into a world patterned after the game but has no access to his HUD nor his inventory.

Can he survive on his wits alone?

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Publication Day: 20th February 2023 by Indie Illuminati

Brittany Parker is a Police Officer for a precinct that has adopted CyberBolt’s implant technology to enhance abilities, which also grants her a unique gaming experience. But after getting wrapped up in matters of National Security, she is ordered to undergo a dangerous procedure rumored to cause memory loss and dementia. After the excruciatingly painful experience, she awakens inside the Augmented Reality MMORPG game CONQUEST to face a terrifying threat unlike anything she has ever encountered before.

A rapture-like apocalyptic event transports players through a portal to an alien planet inhabited by the Leviathan, a loathsome creature whose insatiable hunger until now has been fed by that world’s few remaining souls. The terrain of CONQUEST is the same, however the game parameters have changed drastically.

Now in a First-Person-Shooter (FPS) setting, Brittany comes head to head with many foes in battles of wits and survival with her limited ammunition. Little does she know however, that the more she levels up in the game, the more she carries out the sinister work of the Leviathan.

Will Brittany see the error of her ways before she pays the ultimate price?

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