The Mercenary by Johanna M Rae on Tour – 13th – 22nd April 2022

The Mercenary by Johanna M Rae

Publication Day : 22nd August 2013

Page Count : 496 pages


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What if everything you thought you knew about society was wrong?

Jodie Fletcher’s world is rocked on its axis when she stumbles into the knowledge that shape shifters are real. Not only that, but they have their own parallel justice system, which is endorsed by governments worldwide.

Jodie is drowning in a world she no longer understands and to top it all off, there is a target on her back.

The only thing it seems she can count on is the leopard-shifter who has taken it upon himself to protect her.

With their connection deepening after each encounter, and danger ever present around them, decisions need to be made.

Can they find a way to bridge the divide between their two worlds?

About Author

Author Johanna M Rae is a former fashion designer and married mother of three. She lives in Hamilton, NZ, with her family and two gorgeous ragdoll cats: Macchiato (Macky) and Smudge.

Balancing the needs of three sporty and musically inclined teenagers and her writing schedule doesn’t always leave much time for leisure, but in the quiet moments, Johanna can be found crocheting up a storm or nursing her caffeine addiction.

She is partway through writing a shapeshifter series called Therian Secrets. The first four books are available at Amazon and selected online retailers, while book five is due for release in 2021. Johanna also has an urban fantasy series called Immortal Trinity, currently consisting of two books. The third is due out in 2022. Johanna has also written a stand alone novel called Alpha Stray, which was her NaNoWriMo project; and two poetry collections. There are a few other stories in the works, which she plans to publish in the near future. Until then, there is coffee to be had…

You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and on their website

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