The Memories in Blood by Guy Cross on Tour 4th – 13th July 2022

The Memories in Blood by Guy Cross

Publication Day : 13th December 2021 by Sigilhouse

Page Count : 330 pages

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From the notebook of Gregory Rook:Sacramental power is born from extremes: obsession, desire, passion, pain, ecstasy, desecration… True holiness transcends morality…”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A stormy night; a hit and run and Stephen Porter unleashes a train of events that delivers him—and his family—into the clutches of a terrifying dark magician…

… whose magick works through the medium of blood – and the innocence of children.

Stealer of souls, shapeshifter devil, how can he be defeated?

The answer lies in the memories of Jonny Sorrell, a teenage boy who has no idea they form the key to ending Rook forever.

The question is, will he realise in time?

About Guy Cross

Guy Cross has been painting and writing from ever since he can remember, leaving a career in teaching to pursue his true loves: writing, painting and making music. His writing is psychologically deep and very dark, reflecting his love of the arcane and occult. Gothic horror is his speciality.

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