The Mapmaker’s Daughter by Caroline Dunford on Tour 24th – 30th August 2021

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The Mapmaker’s Daughter by Caroline Dunford

Publication Day 25th August 2021 by SpellBound Books

Tour Dates : 24th – 30th August

Page Count : 240 pages approx

Genre : Fantasy/Young Adult


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Sharra’s world is a terrifying place. 

Violent seismic ‘Shifts’ and outbreaks of an all-consuming black fire radically alter landscapes on an increasingly frequent basis. Only the Map Makers can predict where the Shift will fall, and Sharra, daughter to one of the most famous Map Makers, yearns to join their ranks and break a cultural taboo that forbids female cartographers.

Sharra’s father, Lord Milton, is one of the few to challenge the current order, but his shadowy past limits his political reach and his second wife, Lady Ivory, is determined to manipulate him to ensure a privileged future for herself and her daughter, Jayne. 

The main obstacle standing in Ivory’s way is Sharra. 

About Caroline Dunford

Caroline lives for stories. Reading them. Telling them, Watching them. She can’t get enough of them. She can hypnotise people and she sings well in the shower. She enjoys cooking, but hates housework, and has managed to convince everyone who knows her that she doesn’t understand washing up. So much so that when friends visit some of them do it for her. Fortunately she also has a dishwasher. She always feels she didn’t make enough of her teenage years, and hopes that at least the teenagers in her books do!

You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or her website

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