The Homemaker by Miranda Rijks

On Tour 30th October – 5th November 23

Book Tour Schedule

October 30th
this.human.reads (IG)
karenandherbooks (IG)
kaz_loves_books9 (IG)
The Staffymum’s Book Nook

October 31st
gee.booksandlife (IG)
book_a_holic_17 (IG)
twilight_reader (IG)

November 1st
Rajivs Reviews
Paigesworldofbooks97 (IG)
Rambling Mads

November 2nd
twoladiesandabook (IG)
Jazzy Book Reviews
Sue loves to read

November 3rd
penfoldlayla (IG)
Pauline Render
Mystery, Thrillers and Suspense

November 4th
pause_theframe (IG)

November 5th
thelibraryofmills (IG)
Curlingupwithacoffeeandakindle (IG)
Laughter and Thunderstorms