SpellBound Presents International Women’s Day Festival on Tour – 4th – 13th March 2022

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6 Kickass authors make up the International Women’s Day Festival, 4 in this tour and 2 later on in the month – keep your eyes peeled!

So the first four books!

Catherine by Linda O’Byrne

Publication Day : 7th March 2022

Page Count :

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Many years have passed since the dramatic events of Pride and Prejudice. In The Cousins of Pemberley series we follow a new generation of heroines – cousins with lives as different and interesting as those enjoyed by their mothers.


Catherine Collins, a very ordinary young woman – plain, quiet, often over-looked but possessing a reputation for having great common-sense.
Or so her distant cousin Elizabeth Darcy believes and so recommends her as governess for little Matilda Courtney.

Catherine travels to Northumberland, full of good intentions to do her best and be a credit to the family.

But appearances and reputations can be deceptive – Robert and Martin Courtney will soon learn exactly what type of girl Elizabeth has sent them.of Pemberley series.

Little White Doves by Linda Falco

Publication Day : 8th March 2022

Page Count : 310 Pages

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A Young girl disappears without a trace

A teenage boy doesn’t return home from School.

These two shocking events, three decades and hundreds of miles apart prove to be inexorably linked.

Amid their pain and turmoil, two broken women find the strength within themselves to fight back.

Two Mothers who go to extraordinary lengths to protect their children.

Valbonna, Who sacrifices everything for her child.

Donna, Whose fight to find her son takes her on a dangerous journey through Italy uncovering secrets that will change her life forever.

Shit Happens by Eileen Wharton

Publication Day : 10th March 2022

Page Count : 294 Pages

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Rose Starling, abused wife, is living on benefits with her three children on an estate in a small town near Newcastle. Trying to keep one step ahead of the tallyman she dances in the shadows of various illegal dealings.

She’s got problems though when bits of her ex-husband keep turning up in different places and the slimey DI Savage seems to be bending the evidence to link her to the murder.

Adding to her troubles, she has to work in a topless bar to make ends meet and she’s being pressured into taking a “ job” for hard as nails Vera Devlin from the estate.

Desperate to extricate herself from the mess, she breaks into her old marital home to find the diary of her dead husband, setting off an explosive chain of events.

Set against a backdrop of Northern council estate life, this fast-paced, gritty, humorous novel exemplifies the problems caused by poverty, piles and unruly children.

Dig Your Own Grave by Carmen Radtke

Publication Day : 11th March 2022

Page Count :

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Marie Ingram is kind, generous, and lately, a killer …

When her childhood friend takes her own life to escape marital hell, Marie is devastated. But when the widower sets his eyes on a new wife, she knows what she has to do:

Make sure no other woman suffers the same fate.

Knowing she may not have long to live due to a serious illness, Marie considers this her parting gift to the world.

But doing good by breaking bad is a very easy habit to fall into, and there are plenty more evil people who seem to be untouchable by the law.

The question is, is Marie fast becoming irredeemable herself?

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