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3 top Irish Authors have some delicious books to share with you!

New Blood by Kevin McManus

Book 3 of the Ray Logue Thrillers

Publication Day : 17th March 2022 by SpellBound Books

Page Count : 113 pages


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It’s murder out there… The body of an unknown man has been discovered on a beach in the cold light of day, a body that has been shot and left to bleed out on the sand.

Detective Inspector Ray Logue, still reeling from the events of his last case, is brought in to investigate. While working the case, he is drawn into the maelstrom of gang warfare as he comes face to face with the ‘New Blood’ – a young gang leader called Kyle Brody who is fast making a name for himself.

Brody is lawless. He is a predator and a thug who takes no mercy on those who stand in his way, seemingly rejecting society and taking pride in causing anarchy .

Dealing, smuggling and murdering are Brody’s trades – he’s good at them and from the wounds inflicted on the body Logue sees, it looks like he takes pleasure in cruelty.

Yet as more details emerge about Brody’s accomplices, Logue realises that the lines between good and evil are not always clear.

Secrets Under Spanish Skies by Pauline Morgan

Publication Day : 17th March 2022 by SpellBound Books

Page Count : 270 pages


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A New Country.

A New Start.

Moya moved from Dublin to Nottingham when she was a teenager and met Kevin. But, after they were married he became increasingly controlling, and her only solace was in attending Spanish and book-keeping night classes.

When Moya finds out Kevin has cheated on her – worse still, re-mortgaged their house to support his now pregnant mistress, she is devasted and left broken hearted.

At an all-time low, Moya’s oldest friend suggests she join her in Spain. Taking a leap of faith, Moya decides a fresh start in a new country is just what she needs.

But upon her arrival a prediction by a Spanish gipsy’s unnerves Moya…

Is Mateo the mysterious Lawyer all he really seems to be or is Moya about to open up Pandora’s Box to secrets under Spanish Skies.

Bad Sweet Things by Maria Hoey

Hardback Publication Day : 17th March 2022

Page Count : 311 pages


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Six women hunted one by one:

Each receive a copy of an old school group photo, in which their own face has been savagely scratched out.
Within three weeks, two of them are dead.

A Detective in a race against time:
Known to her colleagues as the Hound, DS Tina Bassett believes the women were all murdered by the same person.
Someone out there is hunting down the class of 98.

As the death toll continues to rise, DS Bassett desperately delves deeper into the pasts of the women to help uncover the true catalyst to the unfolding rampage in the present.

Will she succeed in stopping a killer hell bent on having their revenge?

Or will the class of 98 finally pay their price…

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