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*I am currently closed for requests*

Welcome to you! Thank you for stopping by to find out a bit more about me and getting your book reviewed by me. I am honoured you have decided to contact me!

I am available to read and review your book, but please be aware that I am unable to provide a timeframe for review to be published. I will discuss with you when replying, an estimated timeframe to when I will aim to get to your book, whilst being respectful to your needs too.

I will add my reviews to the following sites (I have linked it to my personal pages for you to view)

If you wish for me to review your book, please contact me via the contact form, or email me at

When contacting me, please address the email to me, a blanket email will just be ignored. Also, include the title of the book, synopsis, a link to your book on Goodreads or Amazon would be good if you have it, a book cover and some basic information about you, the author. (Always nice to know who you are!) I accept print copies and .mobi files.

Please note I do reserve the right to decline any request at my own discretion.

I do not just review, if you wish for me to host a spotlight, guest post, extract, Q&A or a giveaway please contact me with the details and we can see if we can work together.

I do aim to answer all my emails, but with working full time and being a mum, there may be a delay in replying to you, this is not intentional. 

The only genres I read and review are

  • Horror
  • Crime/Thrillers/Mysteries

Thanks for stopping by!

Zoé xx

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