Other Services

It’s not just blog tours I offer, and I have links to other fabulous people in the industry.

I also offer,

Final Reads – This is a “sense” check of the book, to pick up any plot holes, and check the flow of the book. It is not an edit. If I see spelling mistakes or grammar I will flag them but this is not what a final read is.

Character Bible – Do you have a book series and can’t remember what a character did in book 2 compared to book 7? Or you want to re-release an old book but can’t remember how the characters interact. I will read your books and create a bible on each character, so you can focus on the writing.

Stellar Reads – Dee offers many services that you might find you need – editing, proofreading, blurb tweaking, final reads – contact her for more information.

Covers – An exciting new kid on the block coming soon!