Migration Event by K.C Gillis on Tour October 26th – November 1st 2021

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Migration Event by K.C Gillis

Expected Publication Day : 27th October 2021

Page Count : 426 pages


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Environmental destruction. Tax evasion. When reporter Jordan Reed uncovers a link, will she meet a fatal deadline? 

 Jordan Reed lives to expose criminals who believe they’ll never get caught. So after receiving a tip about a high-profile company dodging tariffs, the relentless journalist digs into the case. But though her lead turns out to be a red herring, a possible connection to the mysterious death of long-distance migratory birds pulls her into a byzantine maze of corruption and pollution. 

 Joining forces with a rogue conservationist, Jordan infiltrates the inner circle of one of Boston’s top corporate citizens. But when she and her new teammate find themselves surrounded by high-powered enemies, her hunt for the truth could force the coverup of their own murders. 

  Will the tenacious reporter live long enough to write the ultimate exposé? 

  Migration Event is the third book in the thrilling Jordan Reed mystery series. If you like powerful female protagonists, threats around every corner, and unexpected twists, then you’ll love K.C. Gillis’s edge-of-your-seat tale.

About K.C. Gillis

K.C. (Kevin) Gillis is the author of the Jordan Reed mystery series. Despite being a lifelong lover of stories and books, writing took a distant back seat as his professional career travelled through the Canadian Air Force, a decade as a chemist, followed by a long and continuing run in corporate America. With writing no longer in the back seat (but not quite yet in the front seat), Kevin now has the Jordan Reed series well underway. His personal interests focus on endurance and water sports. Having grown up in the Canadian Maritimes, he now lives in the US northeast. Kevin can be found online at www.kcgillis.com. You can connect with Kevin on Twitter at @kcgilliswriter, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kcgilliswriter, and you can email him directly at kevin@kcgillis.com.

You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter or his website

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