I Won’t Let You Go by Cole Baxter on Tour – 19th – 25th September 2022

Publication Day : 14th September 2022 by Inkubator Books

Page Count : 259 pages

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She’s trapped in a nightmare. But she can’t wake up.

Emily is devastated when she receives an anonymous note proving her long-term boyfriend has been cheating on her.

Determined to confront him, she tracks him to a seedy bar far off the highway and they have a massive row. As she storms out the door, she rejects a stranger named Daniel who tries to pick her up.

When she returns to her car, it won’t start. Even worse, her phone has no signal, and no way is she going back into the bar to ask her boyfriend for help.

Emily has no choice but to walk. As she trudges down the desolate highway, Daniel drives by and offers her a ride. She’s scared by his sudden reappearance and refuses him again.

But Daniel won’t take no for an answer. As Emily walks on, he keeps coming back and each time he is more threatening, more menacing. As this terrifying game of cat and mouse steadily escalates, Emily begins to wonder if she’ll ever get off this lonely road alive.

But who is Daniel really? And what does he know about Emily?

About Cole Baxter

Cole Baxter loves writing psychological suspense thrillers. It’s all about that last reveal that he loves shocking readers with.

He grew up in New York, where there crime was all around. He decided to turn that into something positive with his fiction.

His stories will have you reading through the night—they are very addictive!

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