Her Perfect Life by Emily Shiner on Tour 6th – 12th July 2022

Her Perfect Life by Emily Shiner

Publication Day : 29th June 2022 by Inkubator Books

Page Count : 245 pages

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Eve’s life seems perfect. Until you have to live it.

Millie has just served a long sentence for a murder she didn’t commit. It’s her identical twin sister Eve who was the killer – and the person who framed Millie.

Millie is willing to forgive Eve and hopes they can still be loving sisters. But when she is released, instead of welcoming her, Eve coldly rejects her. Now Millie only wants one thing – revenge.

Eve seems to have the perfect life – plenty of money, a beautiful house. So Millie’s plan is simple – she’ll kill Eve and step into her shoes.

But Millie soon discovers her sister’s life is anything but perfect. She had become involved with a dangerous man – controlling, possessive, ruthless.

And now he owns Millie. Caught in a deadly web of deceit, she must continue playing the part of Eve. Her life depends on it.

Can she find the strength to escape this new prison? Or will she be trapped forever in… her perfect life?

Her Perfect Life – the stunning psychological thriller from the best-selling author of The Secret Wife.

About Emily Shiner

Emily Shiner always dreamed of becoming an author but first served her time as a banker and a teacher. After a lifetime of devouring stacks of thrillers, she decided to try her hand at writing them herself. Now she gets to live out her dream of writing novels and sharing her stories with people around the world. She lives in the Appalachian Mountains and loves hiking with her husband, daughter, and their two dogs.

Emily writes psychological thrillers. The Secret Wife will be her first novel published with Inkubator Books.

You can connect with her on Facebook and Instagram

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