Blood Trail by Tony Park on Tour 19th – 25th October 2021

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Blood Trail by Tony Park

Published 1st July 2021 by Ingwe Publishing

Page Count: 362 pages


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Evil is at play in a South African game reserve.

A poacher vanishes into thin air, defying logic, and baffling ace tracker Mia Greenaway.

Meanwhile Captain Sannie van Rensburg, still reeling from a personal tragedy, is investigating the disappearance of two young girls who locals fear have been abducted for use in sinister traditional medicine practices.

But poachers are also employing witchcraft, paying healers for potions they believe will make them invisible and bulletproof.

When a tourist goes missing, Mia and Sannie must work together to confront their own demons – which challenges everything they believe in – while following a bloody trail that seems to vanish at every turn.

About Tony Park

Tony Park is the author of 19 bestselling thriller novels set in Africa and six non fiction biographies.

Tony had worked as a reporter, a press secretary, a PR consultant and a freelance write, He also served 34  years in the Australian Army Reserve, including six months in Afghanistan in 2002.  

Tony and his wife, Nicola, divide their time between Sydney and southern Africa, where they own a home on the border of the Kruger National Park. Tony’s 18th novel, Last Survivor went to number one in adult fiction in South Africa.

You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and his website

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