Blacktelligence Rules by Andrew Komarnyckyj on Tour – 1st – 7th October

Publication Day : 1st October 2022 by SpellBound Books

Page Count : 351 pages

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When Adam Benedict, a 28-year-old researcher, comes across a startling discovery about race and intelligence, he sets in motion a deadly chain of events.

As he tries to get his results published, he finds his work is tampered with to make it appear riddled with errors. He is discredited and denounced as a fraud, a liar, and worse. He endures a storm of criticism in social media and is hounded by the press for spreading views that are deemed toxic.

It becomes clear there is a conspiracy against him, and the conspirators will use any means possible to silence him, up to and including murder.

As Benedict races against the clock to clear his name, he realises the truth is more likely to get him killed than set him free.

And he has to make a decision: is a truth that will change the way humanity views race worth laying his life on the line for?

About Andrew Komarnyckyj

Andrew Komarnyckyj has been a lawyer, odd-job man, PR Consultant, hospital porter, and dishwasher among other occupations. It’s the classic work history of an author but it wasn’t planned that way. It was a happy accident which has stood him in good stead for writing fiction. His first novel Ezra Slef, The Next Nobel Laureate in Literature was highly praised in The Washington Post. His second novel The Revenge of Joe Wild is widely stocked in libraries across the American Deep South and has been approved as an online educational resource by the Alabama school system. 

He’s written many other highly-rated novels using the pen-names Jack D McLean and A K Reynolds.

When not writing or reading he loves conversation, listening to anecdotes, craft beers, and hiking in mountains. On a personal note he’s married with two daughters.

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