As a debut novelist, everything can seem hard if not impossible at times. The writing, editing, finding a publisher, proofing. These are all hard. Then there is the other stuff: the doubting, worrying, over-thinking, catastrophising and did I mention doubting? Into all of this comes the book tour. Publishers don’t always offer the service, it can be ‘another thing’ to worry and doubt about. But my experience of ZooLoo book tours is so positive.
The one thing an author needs, above all else, is to feel well read, to feel that the book has been engaged with and understood. It is great if the reader likes the book and gives if five stars, that’s icing on the cake, but to be read, to be understood – these are more important.
The blog tour which Zoé provides, the kind bloggers who read and comment, the blogs neatly arrayed and presented on Zoé’s website and subsequently on Amazon and Goodreads, these are priceless commodities to the author and provide a tremendous sense of confirmation and approval at the end of the long journey.

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