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Holding Out For A Hero by T.E Kessler

Published 5th May 2021

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Book 1 in Jelvia: Not Human series

Who says your boyfriend has to be human?

Macy’s life changed forever when, as a child, her mother was murdered. The killers were never found, and Macy grew up looking for injustices and making them right.

She became a journalist, interviewing celebrities but lately found stardom shallow and pretentious.

There was just no putting right a teen-idol rockstar.

Things changed when her best friend was attacked but rescued by an unlikely hero.

A Jelvia.

Humans lived in fear of the Jelvia, but Macy just saw a hero that she’d been looking for all her life.

This sci-fi romance contains some mature scenes, but if you’re looking for a hero, drop right in!

About T.E Kessler

If T.E Kessler were Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones), the introduction would read something like this:

T. E Kessler the first of the Midlands in Great Britain, Queen of sci-fi romance, Mother of the Jelvia: Not Human series, Writer of books, Ruler of the TV, the Unburnt in the kitchen and the Breaker of promises (when it comes to diets).

On a serious note, Kessler enjoys writing sci-fi because of the blank canvas it presents to her. While she can invent science, worlds, aliens and creatures, she also injects strong emotion into the core of her books. She likes to explore human failures and victories in modern-day society and mix them with sci-fi themes, so expect to find human tragedies while turning the pages.

Her books contain mature themes.

Series so far…



SPIDER book 3 …with another three books to conclude the Jelvia: Not Human series. Each book has its own story with satisfying endings.

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